Reading List

Every day I accumulate new browser tabs, and they hang around forever in the hope that I will one day read them. After a few months it gets ridiculous though – I might admit to myself that I’ll never read these, but at least if I do actually find myself stuck for something some day, everything will be readily available.

  1. A People’s History of the United States
  2. History of Irish Blasphemy Law
  3. Defending the One Percent
  4. An Introduction to OpenSSL Programming (Par t I)
  5. UML Use Case Diagrams: Tips and FAQ
  6. Cern ROOT: C++ Coding Conventions

Some new additions for 10/3/2017:

  1. Emacs org-mode examples and cookbook
  2. ‘One hundred years is not enough’–Yes it is
  3. The Real Difference Between Google And Apple
  4. Client for VBIT/Raspi
  5. vbit-pi-stream
  6. Bit Savers’ PDP-11 Docs
  7. Official MKIII DIY and Helpfull Hint Thread
  8. Dan’s Jetta/Golf MKIII Help page
  9. Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) in Java
  10. Aleksey Shipilëv: One Stop Page
  11. BCP 38 – Defeating IP Spoofing Network Attacks
  12. Persistent Memory Programming Libraries for Java (Github)
  13. Persistent Memory Programming (
  14. Persistent Collections for Java (Github)
  15. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  16. Open source software radio 3GPP LTE UE
  17. Rave on: When underground dance parties ruled Dublin

The following items have been read, but I’ll keep them around because they seem worth another go round some time.